Lion vs tiger 2012 fights

Lion vs tiger 2012 fights

Great demonstration


The tiger.

The lion

This is a lion

Since the males are better suited for fighting we will be comparing the males


Body Length (mm): lion 2200 - 3000 (2.2 - 3 meters) tiger 2000 - 3300 (2 - 3.3 meters)

Weight: lions 330-430 pounds tigers 488 pounds

So the tiger is bigger which gives him an advantage


Speed: lion 50 miles per hour tiger 37 miles per hour

Although the lion has an advantage here it's still pretty close so it won't give the lion a huge advantage.

bite forceEdit

Bite force: tiger: 1,000 pounds lion: 945 pounds

Not a significant advantage for the tiger.

fighting stylesEdit

The tiger has a huge advantage here the tiger usuallys cuts jugular vein in one swipe. The tiger is smarter and strategies better. On the other hand lions are always willing to fight and have much more expirence. It is also a fact that the tiger kills bigger enemies on its own than a whole pack of lions


Although states point it as being close the winner is definitely he tiger. It's fighting style could kill a lion in minutes. In fact scientist said that 90% of the time the tiger will be victorius.